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People's Choice AwardS

Here is a bit I did on the People’s Choice Awards. I lost to The Rock and a rock!

Frito Lays CommerciAL

Here is a national commercial I was in for Frito Lays chips. I love chips! And peas!

Mission: Impossible Commercial

This is a commercial I wrote and starred in promoting the movie Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. Don’t I make a great flight attendant?!

Don Cheadle Sketch

Here’s a sketch I did with Don Cheadle for Funny Or Die! My character’s name is… Bolt? What? There’s definitely a story about how that guy got that name. Your move, Marvel. 

Pinterest: The Movie Trailer

What if Pinterest were a horror film? Check out this sketch I did with my very talented friend Guerrin Gardner. 

Uber Shit

Looking for the cheapest Uber option? Then you should try Uber Shit!

online pilot academy

I love airplanes! Here’s a sketch I did about an online pilot school founded by an absolute maniac. 

Paula dean sketch

Yes, I dressed like Paula Dean, with gigantic bosom, at one point and did a cooking show. Watch for a guaranteed heart attack!

donald j. Trump masterclass

Ever wonder what Trump’s Masterclass would be like? Well, look at this! I did a sketch with the very talented actor and comedian Phillip Wilburn exploring that premise. You’re so lucky! Enjoy! 

funny commercial

Check out this commercial where I play the most hated man in the neighborhood! What a grasshole!

Joanna Hill & Channing Tatum

Check out this commercial I wrote for Joanna Hill and Channing Tatum promoting their movie 21 Jump Street! Check out the Youtube page for parts 2 & 3! Or Click Here!

Daddy Issues Dating

Do you have daddy issues and trouble finding a partner? Well look no further than this sketch I wrote and starred in with some very talented folks!

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